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Although we only formally launched SF HELP on 14 August 2006, we can already share some very positive feedback that we have received from people who have made enquiries about SF HELP.

Mr N from Auckland Park: “….an excellent feature, I must congratulate you!”

Dr L from Pretoria: “….it’s wonderful that you have provided this….a very good social service....”

Ms J from Westville: “I listened to your talk on the radio last night and have to say how excited I am about the launch of your new product…..I now have the peace of mind that I don't have to move out of my home in order to unlock the capital.”

Mrs J from Durban: “….it’s a marvelous thing!”

Mr C from Port Elizabeth: “…. we are interested, it’s a brilliant makes a lot of sense….”

Mr P from Cape Town: “… I am a retired Attorney….at last this has come to South Africa!”

Ms E from Durban: “….I am very impressed with the product….”     

We are committed to providing quality and responsive service to our clients, and as such keep our clients' views at the forefront of our minds. Here's a selection of some of the feedback that our early clients have provided to Seniors' Finance:

Mrs M from Randburg: "... with such first class attention, I have no hesitation in recommending your product to family and friends..."     

Mr C from Cape Town: "...I was most impressed by the courtesy and efficiency with which Seniors' Finance carried out the entire process."  

Mrs C from Plumstead: " ... Your staff were fantastic, always polite and considerate and willing to give advice....I now have a smile on my face..."

What feedback would you like to provide to us? How has SF HELP changed your life? We’d love to hear from you - send us an e-mail by clicking here, and let us know what you think….    

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