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How to apply?

SF HELP is one way to access cash from your property. There are, however, other avenues which should be considered, including the following:

Trading down – buy a smaller house and keep the excess cash to supplement your lifestyle

Sale and rent - sell your home and rent a smaller house or flat

Let part of your home – take in a tenant or boarder, or rent out your cottage if you have one

Apply for a standard mortgage – you can try to raise a conventional mortgage, although this will require regular monthly repayments to be made

Support from family and friends – usually a last resort option for most

Whilst we have every confidence that SF HELP offers you a number of benefits and advantages, we encourage you to involve others in your decision making process. While Seniors’ Finance will explain how the loan works, and conducts a rigorous assessment process, we also require that you seek further expert advice from a qualified source independent of Seniors’ Finance, although these financial planners still need to be accredited by Seniors' Finance.

If you wish to assess whether you might be eligible to apply for SF HELP, please complete the following questions:

Step 1 Are you (the property owner/s and their spouses / partners) aged 65 or over? Yes No
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