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Seniors’ Finance is helping to reinvent the way people approach their retirement. We offer a practical means to of unlocking the equity you've worked so hard to build up in your property without having to consider moving from or selling the place you call home.

Traditionally, South Africans have placed a premium on investing in their homes, but one of the drawbacks - particularly in later life - is being unable to access the value you have built up without the stress of selling up and moving house. This is often described as being “asset rich, but cash poor”. By creating a product based on world-class concepts, but specifically tailored to suit South Africa, Seniors’ Finance has solved the problem.

There are many other considerations impacting on South Africans that further highlight the need for solutions like SF HELP. Consider the following:

How many people have you heard talk about the desire to move into smaller and more secure accommodation in retirement? The only catch is that this type of accommodation is typically more expensive than a conventional free-standing home. So, retirees cannot necessarily afford to move into more appropriate accommodation. Making their existing accommodation more suitable might be the only option. SF HELP might be one way to do this.

Nowadays, people retire around age 60, and can easily live another 20 years. That’s one quarter of a person’s life in retirement! We know that South Africans are very poor at saving for retirement, with the effect that the experts predict that around 90% of retirees will not have enough money in retirement to maintain, let alone enchance, living standards. You worked hard before you retired. Don’t you deserve to enjoy (and be able to afford) your retirement years? SF HELP can assist in making your retirement years a rich time of enjoyment - no matter whether this is through spending more time with and spoiling grand children, taking that holiday you have always dreamed about, pursuing that new hobby, you decide……

Medical aid and healthcare costs in South Africa have been increasing at a higher rate than inflation over the last few years. An increasing proportion of one’s income is now spent on medical aid and healthcare. For senior citizens, who usually have a limited (if not fixed) monthly income, this could mean having to sacrifice some of life’s other necessities or indulgences in order to be able to keep on paying essential healthcare-related expenses. SF HELP could either assist in meeting these ever-increasing healthcare costs, or SF HELP could be used to supplement your existing monthly income.

South Africans also attach a tremendous amount of importance to ensuring that their children have the best possible chance of success in life. Often, this means that parents have compromised their own savings in order to provide for their children’s education, be it private schooling, university or college. Some of the people we have spoken to consider having paid for their children’s education to be a “pre-payment of their children’s inheritance”. If you have not been able to provide enough for your retirement as a result of having provided your children with the best that you could afford while they were still under your wing, why not use SF HELP to provide you with the lifestyle that you would have enjoyed in retirement, were it not for the sacrifices that you made for your children when they were younger?

Retirement is considered to be a time of dis-saving - you spend your working life growing your assets, you spend your retired years spending these assets. Strangely though, retirees typically draw-down most of their assets in retirement, except their houses which can be one of their most significant assets. SF HELP can facilitate dis-saving across all asset classes, including property, which is increasingly being considered to be an accepted financial planning principle.

Full details of the features, benefits, terms and conditions in respect of SF HELP are available on our website. Please feel free to download the material, which is all in .pdf format, and discuss it with your family and financial adviser.

There is also an Application Form that you can download, complete and send to us with the assistance of your financial adviser (provided that he/she is appropriately accredited), or you can contact us directly and we will have an accredited financial adviser in your area arrange to speak with you, all in complete confidence.

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